Mister Noodles, the best noodles in the world?

Mister Noodles, the best noodles in the world?

When we started with the chain of restaurants Mister Noodles we not only wanted to have a fresh food (you know that each day at dawn you receive, select and prepare all our ingredients), that it was healthy (lots of vegetables in each dish) and that we could serve it almost as fast as if it were a fast food restaurant, but we had a more ambitious plan: try to have the best noodles in the world.

In this way, we learned from the best Thai chefs (and many other parties) all the secrets: better ingredients, quantities, times and we did not stop until we had some dishes that were unbeatable in flavor, texture and image. And there are many things that like Mister Noodles (cleanliness, speed in serving, attention in different languages, home option …) but there is one that stands out among all: the training time dedicated by our wokmasters (chefs) to be the best in his guild. For that reason, added to the best and freshest ingredients, noodle dishes, rice, salads, entrees and accessories from Mister Noodles are unbeatable and our clientele as well as loyal is getting bigger and bigger.

For that reason and despite the imitations of Mister Noodles, no chain of restaurants in our sector is able to retain and please customers, or receive such good reviews. And is that Mister Noodles is not only a place to go and eat in a healthy and fast, our values ​​go much further and we try to always offer the best by far, just those that our customers deserve.

The blogger Araceli Vera of ‘guapayconestilo’ enjoying in Mister Noodles

The blogger Araceli Vera of ‘guapayconestilo’ enjoying in Mister Noodles

At Mister Noodles we are honored to receive every day all kinds of outstanding people from one and other areas. From sport, song, film or bloggers and influencers, we have the pleasure to attend and see how our noodles, salads or complements of all kinds of personalities enjoy.

One of the last we had the pleasure of attending (this time in our restaurant in Seville) went to the popular blogger Araceli Vera of www.guapayconestilo.com that has nothing more and nothing less than 179,000 followers in her Instagram account. The influencer was accompanied by a nutritionist friend and they were delighted with noodles, chicken skewers and salad and-according to what the restaurant’s attendants said they were delighted with the menu, the food, the attention and the decoration and absolute cleanliness of the restaurant.

The food of Mister Noodles is ideal for this type (and for anyone who likes to take care and eat tasty) of target especially, a food whose ingredients are received, selected and prepared every morning for our wokmasters to prepare it in front of their eyes with our secret and inimitable recipes.

As you can see, the legion of fans of Mister Noodles is growing and more recognized and it does not surprise us in absolute knowing the incomparable of our menu.

The fighter Enrique ‘Wasabi’ Marín visit Mister Noodles

The fighter Enrique ‘Wasabi’ Marín visit Mister Noodles

Born in Sevilla in 1986, Enrique ‘Wasabi’ Marín, is the first Spanish to compete in the TV show ‘The ultimate fighter’ and the second to fight nothing more and nothing less than in UFC 2. Marín is a reference for the young people who have aspirations in the fight and is often seen in television and radio programs.

That is why we were very happy to receive a new visit from Enrique ‘Wasabi’ Marín and several of his colleagues at one of our restaurants. The wrestler represents all the values ​​that we are passionate about: will, work, tenacity, education and achievement of dreams and we love that it is habitual of our restaurants. Not in vain, Mister Noodles is healthy and fresh food prepared every morning with the best ingredients and cooked by our wokmasters before your very eyes.

No wonder that Mister Noodles is a regular for artists, athletes, bloggers and celebrities, a healthy meal that they prepare with brevity and whose flavor is fascinating.The perfect balance between enjoying a good diet but without ignoring the most absolute explosion of flavors. Like Enrique ‘Wasabi’ Marín, look for your nearest Mister Noodles and enjoy the experience !.

Spot Oficial  Mister Noodles 2018

Spot Oficial Mister Noodles 2018

Mister Noodles is much more than a chain of restaurants, it is a philosophy of life. The obsession with the quality of food, cleanliness, preparation and cooking makes coming to Mister Noodles almost a vital experience in which the explosion of flavors that each dish entails is the result of a chain of people working from before dawn, as perfectly coordinated as the best Swiss watch.

For those reasons, Mister Noodles’ spot not only had to show the beauty of our restaurants, but also the process of cleaning, cutting and preparing all the food that makes Mister Noodles always light years away from our many imitators. On the other hand, teach the two stories that are repeated every day in any of our restaurants: go to eat at one of our stores (and the wonderful attention of our camarer @ s) or ask at home. As you know, you can call any of our stores by phone and receive any of our dishes in your home with all the quality and taste of Mister Noodles.

Without further delay we leave you with the official spot of Mister Noodles for this year 2018, led by our marketing managers and starring blogger Nuria Cabrera of ‘El diario de Nuny’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21Xx4qE-Kwg

The influencer Nuria Cabrera from ‘El diario de Nuny’ also follower of Mister Noodles

The influencer Nuria Cabrera from ‘El diario de Nuny’ also follower of Mister Noodles

Lately we are seeing an avalanche of celebrities of all kinds in our restaurants; artists, athletes, bloggers, television presenters and many more. The healthy and tasty food of our premises, cooked by our expert wokmasters and the beautiful surroundings in which they are found are undoubtedly an attraction for all kinds of people and, of course, for personalities.

One of the last to visit a Mister Noodles was the popular blogger and influencer Nuria Cabrera from ‘El dia de Nuny‘, specializing mostly in fashion but (as we can see in her official instagram account) with an exquisite taste for food . Nuria visited us and uploaded several photos to their networks -which includes more than twenty thousand followers- as well as several instagram stories.

The influencer asked for original Pad Thai noodles, rice, beer and a delicious chocolate fondue and, judging by her comments, came away delighted with our restaurant. And is that the compendium between food with fresh ingredients, vegetables (and other ingredients) freshly cut make Mister Noodles in the reference to eat in the best way in an unbeatable environment and we even take it home. We will definitely see Nuria again from ‘El diario de Nuny’ for some of our restaurants and, like everyone else, we will be happy to assist you!