Article about Mister Noodles in the award-winning blog Can it be all so simple

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The recognition and loyalty of Mister Noodles fans is known all over the world; the strict and pristine cleanliness of the restaurants, the delicious food made with the best ingredients and the urban beauty of the locals have made us have such habitual fans that we see them every week.

And is that the compendium between healthy food, cooked in front of their eyes without cheating or cardboard, fresh ingredients, the speed in serving and the friendliness of our camarer @ s makes us have real fans, some of them writers of the best blogs of our country, as in the case of ‘Can it be all so simple’ (awarded as best blog of culture and trends in Spain in 2015 by the ‘Diary 20 minutes’).

The article -very complete- focuses both on food and on the business side of Mister Noodles, making current references to new idols (“entrepreneurs are the new rock stars”) and highlighting the growth and viralization of Mister Noodles restaurants  throughout the country. It also refers to the amount of dishes on the menu, the variety of its ingredients and, ultimately, the good work done by restaurants from the beginning to today.

‘Can it be all so simple blog’ is a website that speaks mostly of film, music, comics and books but also touches on gastronomy and fashion, proof of this is the beautiful article they have written about ‘Mister Noodles’ and that you can see here:

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