The footballer Javi Ontiveros in Mister Noodles

The footballer Javi Ontiveros in Mister Noodles

We could analyze long and hard about the success and the expansion of Mister Noodles, but without a doubt the majority of fans would respond that perfect balance between rich, tasty and intense food and nevertheless completely healthy. Not in vain, every day you receive, select, wash and prepare all the vegetables, vegetables and other ingredients so you can enjoy in each and every one of the Mister Noodles restaurants the best Noodles, salads, rice dishes, starters and possible complements.

And for that and many other reasons, the other day we visited (specifically in our restaurant in Puerto Banus) the football player Javi Ontiveros. The athlete – born in 1997 – is currently a player of Málaga CF and has played nothing more and nothing less than with the Spanish national team as international in sub-17 and under-19.

That way, Ontiveros joins the list of celebrity fans of Mister Noodles either coming to our restaurants or asking at home. As if that were not enough, the footballer was happy to chat and photographed with other clients and some of our workers. Another fan that adds to our list!

El rapero Muslim nos visita

El rapero Muslim nos visita

Sin lugar a duda, Muslim no sólo es el rapero marroquí más conocido en el mundo sino también uno de los artistas del país más populares nacional e internacionalmente. Prueba de ello son su más de un millón de seguidores en instagram y sus casi dos millones y medios de followers en Facebook, cifras astronómicas para cualquier artista.

Hace escasos días, el artista vino a comer a nuestro restaurante de Puerto Banús acompañado de parte de su séquito y fue un placer poder charlar con él amistosamente y oírle decir que ya conocía el restaurante y la empresa y que era fan de nuestra la comida.

De esa manera, Muslim (que subió una foto en Mister Noodles a Instagram) se suma a la lista de clientes VIP de nuestros restaurantes. Y es que, como saben, ese compendio entre comida realmente sana y fresca pero muy sabrosa se conjuga como la mezcla perfecta para tantos músicos, actores, deportistas y bloggers que acuden diariamente a nuestros restaurantes.

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El rapero Muslim nos visita

Rapper Muslim visits us

Without a doubt, Muslim is not only the best-known Moroccan rapper in the world but also one of the country’s most popular artists nationally and internationally. Proof of this are its more than one million followers on instagram and its almost two million and media followers on Facebook, astronomical figures for any artist.

A few days ago, the artist came to eat at our restaurant in Puerto Banus accompanied by part of his entourage and it was a pleasure to be able to chat with him in a friendly way and to hear him say that he already knew the restaurant and the company and that he was a fan of our food.

In that way, Muslim (who uploaded a picture in Mister Noodles to Instagram) joins the list of VIP clients of our restaurants. And, as you know, that compendium between really healthy and fresh but very tasty food is combined as the perfect mix for so many musicians, actors, athletes and bloggers who come daily to our restaurants.

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