Mister Noodles Who said salads were boring?

Mister Noodles Who said salads were boring?

As a rule, when we think of salads and fresh and healthy food, we tend to think that they are not tasty enough, that they are not going to give us that explosion of flavors we need, or simply that any other option will be better, maybe not healthier but if richer in flavors and textures. An affirmation or thought that is not given in Mister Noodles.

The salads of Mister Noodles are made at the moment with ingredients that have been received, selected, washed and cut every morning by our preparation team so that when you make them you will enjoy not only the taste of the best fresh foods, but of the different recipes the same, created by our expert chefs and wokmasters.

Our salads César, Crispy, Maui, Med, Mix, Pattaya, Phuket, Thai beef and vegetables are the perfect proof that you can make fresh, healthy, international and absolutely delicious and tasty dishes. That is why more and more Mister Noodles fans ask for salads, either as a main dish or to accompany our noodles, rice dishes or complements. Come to any of our restaurants and live the experience of eating well without losing a bit of flavor, because the one who said that salads were boring … had not been to Mister Noodles !.

Mister Noodles, the best noodles in the world?

Mister Noodles, the best noodles in the world?

When we started with the chain of restaurants Mister Noodles we not only wanted to have a fresh food (you know that each day at dawn you receive, select and prepare all our ingredients), that it was healthy (lots of vegetables in each dish) and that we could serve it almost as fast as if it were a fast food restaurant, but we had a more ambitious plan: try to have the best noodles in the world.

In this way, we learned from the best Thai chefs (and many other parties) all the secrets: better ingredients, quantities, times and we did not stop until we had some dishes that were unbeatable in flavor, texture and image. And there are many things that like Mister Noodles (cleanliness, speed in serving, attention in different languages, home option …) but there is one that stands out among all: the training time dedicated by our wokmasters (chefs) to be the best in his guild. For that reason, added to the best and freshest ingredients, noodle dishes, rice, salads, entrees and accessories from Mister Noodles are unbeatable and our clientele as well as loyal is getting bigger and bigger.

For that reason and despite the imitations of Mister Noodles, no chain of restaurants in our sector is able to retain and please customers, or receive such good reviews. And is that Mister Noodles is not only a place to go and eat in a healthy and fast, our values ​​go much further and we try to always offer the best by far, just those that our customers deserve.

Spot Oficial  Mister Noodles 2018

Spot Oficial Mister Noodles 2018

Mister Noodles is much more than a chain of restaurants, it is a philosophy of life. The obsession with the quality of food, cleanliness, preparation and cooking makes coming to Mister Noodles almost a vital experience in which the explosion of flavors that each dish entails is the result of a chain of people working from before dawn, as perfectly coordinated as the best Swiss watch.

For those reasons, Mister Noodles’ spot not only had to show the beauty of our restaurants, but also the process of cleaning, cutting and preparing all the food that makes Mister Noodles always light years away from our many imitators. On the other hand, teach the two stories that are repeated every day in any of our restaurants: go to eat at one of our stores (and the wonderful attention of our camarer @ s) or ask at home. As you know, you can call any of our stores by phone and receive any of our dishes in your home with all the quality and taste of Mister Noodles.

Without further delay we leave you with the official spot of Mister Noodles for this year 2018, led by our marketing managers and starring blogger Nuria Cabrera of ‘El diario de Nuny’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21Xx4qE-Kwg

Rapper Muslim visits us

Rapper Muslim visits us

Without a doubt, Muslim is not only the best-known Moroccan rapper in the world but also one of the country’s most popular artists nationally and internationally. Proof of this are its more than one million followers on instagram and its almost two million and media followers on Facebook, astronomical figures for any artist.

A few days ago, the artist came to eat at our restaurant in Puerto Banus accompanied by part of his entourage and it was a pleasure to be able to chat with him in a friendly way and to hear him say that he already knew the restaurant and the company and that he was a fan of our food.

In that way, Muslim (who uploaded a picture in Mister Noodles to Instagram) joins the list of VIP clients of our restaurants. And, as you know, that compendium between really healthy and fresh but very tasty food is combined as the perfect mix for so many musicians, actors, athletes and bloggers who come daily to our restaurants.

If you are a fan of the best noodles, rice and salads in the world, Demand Mister Noodles!.