The fighter Enrique ‘Wasabi’ Marín visit Mister Noodles

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Born in Sevilla in 1986, Enrique ‘Wasabi’ Marín, is the first Spanish to compete in the TV show ‘The ultimate fighter’ and the second to fight nothing more and nothing less than in UFC 2. Marín is a reference for the young people who have aspirations in the fight and is often seen in television and radio programs.

That is why we were very happy to receive a new visit from Enrique ‘Wasabi’ Marín and several of his colleagues at one of our restaurants. The wrestler represents all the values ​​that we are passionate about: will, work, tenacity, education and achievement of dreams and we love that it is habitual of our restaurants. Not in vain, Mister Noodles is healthy and fresh food prepared every morning with the best ingredients and cooked by our wokmasters before your very eyes.

No wonder that Mister Noodles is a regular for artists, athletes, bloggers and celebrities, a healthy meal that they prepare with brevity and whose flavor is fascinating.The perfect balance between enjoying a good diet but without ignoring the most absolute explosion of flavors. Like Enrique ‘Wasabi’ Marín, look for your nearest Mister Noodles and enjoy the experience !.

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