Enjoy Black Friday at Mister Noodles!

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We all know that black friday is a North American custom in which the penultimate Friday of November are made rebates and offers of all kinds. If we go back to the origins of the term there are three possible stories that are posed as the reasons for this already well-known day: After Thanksgiving we went from the red numbers to the blacks because they started shopping for Christmas, due to the economic crisis and financial crisis of 1869 (which happened on a Friday) or the chaos that arose in New York with traffic jams and mess after the offers that started with thanksgiving. Whatever the true historical origin of black friday, what is clear is its acceptance and integration into the rest of the world after a few years, and today we talk about that day – or that weekend – with total naturalness as if it were something properly local.

As expected, in Mister Noodles we could not be less and we will also have our special offers for Black Friday. In this very popular day (this year falls on November 23) you can enjoy your noodles, salads, rice, complements, desserts and drinks with a 10% discount in local and with a 15% discount online. It is important to ask beforehand which Mister Noodles restaurants have adhered to this offer and which ones do not, since this promotion is optional for each location.

If you are a fan of Mister Noodles, it is an ideal time to try our tasty and nutritious dishes and if you have not tried them, we can not think of a better excuse or a moment. What are you waiting for?