The blogger Araceli Vera of ‘guapayconestilo’ enjoying in Mister Noodles

  • Mister Noodles

At Mister Noodles we are honored to receive every day all kinds of outstanding people from one and other areas. From sport, song, film or bloggers and influencers, we have the pleasure to attend and see how our noodles, salads or complements of all kinds of personalities enjoy.

One of the last we had the pleasure of attending (this time in our restaurant in Seville) went to the popular blogger Araceli Vera of that has nothing more and nothing less than 179,000 followers in her Instagram account. The influencer was accompanied by a nutritionist friend and they were delighted with noodles, chicken skewers and salad and-according to what the restaurant’s attendants said they were delighted with the menu, the food, the attention and the decoration and absolute cleanliness of the restaurant.

The food of Mister Noodles is ideal for this type (and for anyone who likes to take care and eat tasty) of target especially, a food whose ingredients are received, selected and prepared every morning for our wokmasters to prepare it in front of their eyes with our secret and inimitable recipes.

As you can see, the legion of fans of Mister Noodles is growing and more recognized and it does not surprise us in absolute knowing the incomparable of our menu.