Mister Noodles in the most important urban culture blog in Spanish in the world

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When we talk about ‘Mister Noodles’, we are talking about the chain of restaurants with the greatest projection in our country. The perfect compendium between the best food, the most beautiful places, the efficiency in the services and the perfect corporate image. It is for these reasons – and many others – that the media does not stop echoing ‘Mister Noodles’, its wonderful food (imitated to the point of satiety) and its growth.

The last great medium to echo the restaurant chain has been nothing more and nothing less than ‘The medizine’, the web of urban culture in Spanish most important in the world, with more than 15,000 followers on Instagram and almost 60,000 on Facebook, there is nothing. In an extensive and complete article, this website (absolutely of reference when it comes to fashion or music) reviews the reasons why ‘Mister Noodles’ is the chain of restaurants to consider in the present and the future.

The journalists of the blog, approach for the first time to a ‘Mister Noodles’ and relate their experience, being fascinated by the explosion of flavors, the speed in the service, the style of the premises and the fact of finding the perfect balance between healthy food and a fascinating flavor. Like them, thousands of young people come every day to ‘Mister Noodles’ looking for the most tasty and at the same time the healthiest food.

If you want to read the full article just click on the following link: https://themedizine.com/mister-noodles/