Mister Noodles, official sponsor of the three-times Andalusian Football Champions

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At Mister Noodles we have always believed in the balance that supposes some dishes, complements and desserts that satisfy our customers but at the same time are healthy, nutritious and balanced. Hence our obsession to receive and select every morning seven days a week all our fresh ingredients and cut them at dawn so they do not lose a bit of their vitamins and nutrients. And there is a balance between a fast food (in the sense that the fans of our restaurants do not have to wait long to enjoy their dishes after ordering them) and that they are healthy and healthy for the body. Maybe that’s the reason why many elite athletes visit our premises: that compendium between a good dish of noodles, salad, rice … and all the food of the vegetables, chicken and other fresh ingredients of our menu.

Thus, this year we wanted to do even more for sport and we have bet (among many other issues) for the ‘Potros de Fuengirola‘, the three-time champions of Andalusia of football and now belonging to the first national. The team was very interested in being our sponsor because its members are great fans of Mister Noodles and we could only give them our full support.

From Mister Noodles we wish the famed and successful team all the triumphs they deserve and a future even more glorious than their past.