Mister Noodles, because life can be wonderful.

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At Mister Noodles we are aware of two things; that we live in an increasingly busy world and that every time we give more importance to eat fresh and healthy without giving up the explosion of flavors that we expect when going out to eat or when ordering at home. And is that if life goes faster and faster (something that sounds like a topic but is a reality) we also have more access to information and more general culture, which leads us to worry about issues such as health and fitness, something that previous generations scarcely did, more worried about simply surviving.

For those powerful reasons, at Mister Noodles we offer a meal that is served in a short time, that is cooked in front of you and that is absolutely healthy. And every morning at dawn, the workers of Mister Noodles cut the peppers, the carrots, the onion, the chicken, the veal, they peel the prawns, the pineapples, the strawberries … and they do everything necessary so that our experts chefs can cook in front of their eyes the tastiest food and also the most beneficial to their health. And in Mister Noodles everything works like the gear of a Swiss watch to offer you the best, in the shortest possible time and in the most accessible places.

In this way, nobody is surprised by the rapid viralisation and growth of the Mister Noodles restaurants, family places, clean, comfortable, beautiful, with an urban touch and with the best possible food. The dream of an entire generation come true and already in more than twenty different cities. At Mister Noodles we always have a smile, a delicious dish to overflow and an unbeatable environment for you, your friends and your family. The best noodles and much more, welcome to the future, welcome to Mister Noodles.