Mister Noodles, the best noodles in the world?

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When we started with the chain of restaurants Mister Noodles we not only wanted to have a fresh food (you know that each day at dawn you receive, select and prepare all our ingredients), that it was healthy (lots of vegetables in each dish) and that we could serve it almost as fast as if it were a fast food restaurant, but we had a more ambitious plan: try to have the best noodles in the world.

In this way, we learned from the best Thai chefs (and many other parties) all the secrets: better ingredients, quantities, times and we did not stop until we had some dishes that were unbeatable in flavor, texture and image. And there are many things that like Mister Noodles (cleanliness, speed in serving, attention in different languages, home option …) but there is one that stands out among all: the training time dedicated by our wokmasters (chefs) to be the best in his guild. For that reason, added to the best and freshest ingredients, noodle dishes, rice, salads, entrees and accessories from Mister Noodles are unbeatable and our clientele as well as loyal is getting bigger and bigger.

For that reason and despite the imitations of Mister Noodles, no chain of restaurants in our sector is able to retain and please customers, or receive such good reviews. And is that Mister Noodles is not only a place to go and eat in a healthy and fast, our values ​​go much further and we try to always offer the best by far, just those that our customers deserve.