Mister Noodles Who said salads were boring?

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As a rule, when we think of salads and fresh and healthy food, we tend to think that they are not tasty enough, that they are not going to give us that explosion of flavors we need, or simply that any other option will be better, maybe not healthier but if richer in flavors and textures. An affirmation or thought that is not given in Mister Noodles.

The salads of Mister Noodles are made at the moment with ingredients that have been received, selected, washed and cut every morning by our preparation team so that when you make them you will enjoy not only the taste of the best fresh foods, but of the different recipes the same, created by our expert chefs and wokmasters.

Our salads César, Crispy, Maui, Med, Mix, Pattaya, Phuket, Thai beef and vegetables are the perfect proof that you can make fresh, healthy, international and absolutely delicious and tasty dishes. That is why more and more Mister Noodles fans ask for salads, either as a main dish or to accompany our noodles, rice dishes or complements. Come to any of our restaurants and live the experience of eating well without losing a bit of flavor, because the one who said that salads were boring … had not been to Mister Noodles !.