Rapper Muslim visits us

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Without a doubt, Muslim is not only the best-known Moroccan rapper in the world but also one of the country’s most popular artists nationally and internationally. Proof of this are its more than one million followers on instagram and its almost two million and media followers on Facebook, astronomical figures for any artist.

A few days ago, the artist came to eat at our restaurant in Puerto Banus accompanied by part of his entourage and it was a pleasure to be able to chat with him in a friendly way and to hear him say that he already knew the restaurant and the company and that he was a fan of our food.

In that way, Muslim (who uploaded a picture in Mister Noodles to Instagram) joins the list of VIP clients of our restaurants. And, as you know, that compendium between really healthy and fresh but very tasty food is combined as the perfect mix for so many musicians, actors, athletes and bloggers who come daily to our restaurants.

If you are a fan of the best noodles, rice and salads in the world, Demand Mister Noodles!.