SFDK rappers are also fans of Mister Noodles

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At Mister Noodles we are used to receiving celebrities of all kinds; basketball players, soccer players, boxers, singers, film directors, actors and a very long etcetera. In this way, the last visit to one of our restaurants (specifically Seville-Nervión) did not take us by surprise, although we liked it greatly because many of our workers are fans of their music.

And so it is, the legendary ‘SFDK’ (one of the most important groups in the history of hip hop in Spanish and headliner in many festivals) were having lunch in one of our restaurants, to the surprise of our chefs, waiters and delivery people. After lunch, they did not hesitate to take pictures with many of the diners and also with ‘Mister Noodles’ workers, being as pleasant and humble as we imagined, despite having an impressive career full of successes behind them.

Seventh-day rappers have to date nine studio albums, two DVDs and numerous maxis and have given concerts throughout Spain, South America, France and the United States, becoming not only an icon of national rap but the standard-bearers of the genre in Andalusia, receiving different awards to his career. Anyone who is minimally placed in hip hop knows that we are talking about a whole symbol, a seal of guarantee of quality of strong bases, characteristic lyrics (in which humor also fits), and more and more influences from other music such as reggae or flamenco. In ‘Redemption’ (2018) we probably find the best album of the Sevillian band, with much deeper and more complex lyrics and instrumental bases that ravage through much broader spectrums.

‘SFDK’ (acronym for “Always strong conscience”) is added to the list of celebrities fans of our noodles, rice, salads, wraps … and we love that they love !.