The influencer Nuria Cabrera from ‘El diario de Nuny’ also follower of Mister Noodles

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Lately we are seeing an avalanche of celebrities of all kinds in our restaurants; artists, athletes, bloggers, television presenters and many more. The healthy and tasty food of our premises, cooked by our expert wokmasters and the beautiful surroundings in which they are found are undoubtedly an attraction for all kinds of people and, of course, for personalities.

One of the last to visit a Mister Noodles was the popular blogger and influencer Nuria Cabrera from ‘El dia de Nuny‘, specializing mostly in fashion but (as we can see in her official instagram account) with an exquisite taste for food . Nuria visited us and uploaded several photos to their networks -which includes more than twenty thousand followers- as well as several instagram stories.

The influencer asked for original Pad Thai noodles, rice, beer and a delicious chocolate fondue and, judging by her comments, came away delighted with our restaurant. And is that the compendium between food with fresh ingredients, vegetables (and other ingredients) freshly cut make Mister Noodles in the reference to eat in the best way in an unbeatable environment and we even take it home. We will definitely see Nuria again from ‘El diario de Nuny’ for some of our restaurants and, like everyone else, we will be happy to assist you!